Career Story – Rob Trembath (Associate Partner)

Rob Trembath Career Story
Rob Trembath (Associate Partner)

Rob Tembath, Associate Partner, Truro Office, shares his Career Story:

How did you get into a career in construction?

To be completely honest, I had no idea what a Quantity Surveyor was when I was in school or college, I doubt that many people do.

I was always pretty good with figures though, so started looking for a job as an Accountant.

It turned out though that my older cousin was a Quantity Surveyor and explained to me what it was. The role sounded similar, so I thought I’d look at Quantity Surveying jobs as well.

I ended up having an interview with WWA and was taken on. Since then with WWA’s help, I’ve done my ONC, HNC and Diploma in Surveying and also passed my professional qualifications to become a member of the RICS.

What’s the day job?

Every day is different, apart from very occasionally!

I have the privilege of being both a Project Manager and a Quantity Surveyor, it allows me to be involved in a huge variety of different tasks.

On the Quantity Surveying side of things, this might include donning the PPE to visit site to undertake an interim valuation of the works, which is especially great when the weathers nice, or back in the office measuring off drawings or preparing contracts.

The Project Management role encompasses a wider range of responsibilities and involves a lot of liaison with clients, other consultants and various other industry professionals.

I’m lucky that I never really do the same thing day in day out, so the opportunity to have such variety in your work really helps to keep things fresh. 

What opportunities has WWA given you to develop your career??

As I’ve said at the start of my career WWA allowed me to do various academic qualifications and to progress in gaining my professional qualifications.

Since then I’ve had to opportunity to undertake various other training courses, including becoming an accredited NEC Project Manager.

Throughout my time at WWA I’ve also progressed through the ranks to my current position as an Associate Partner. I have always actively been encouraged to take on more management responsibilities.

Looking forward I’m now helping in setting up our new Conflict Avoidance and Dispute Resolution department and to add to my experience by gaining qualifications in this regard, hoping to eventually become a trained Adjudicator.

Why should people look at a career in construction?

The construction industry is so diverse! It’s not until you start working in it you realise just how big it is, how important it is to the economy and the vast array of roles that are actually out there.

I think that’s the main thing within this industry, is that there’s a role that can suit everyone.

The construction industry holds a whole host of options, if you like working with your hands, you could become a carpenter; you like numbers, become a Quantity Surveyor; if you’re artistic or creative, you can look into architecture or interior design.

There are so many opportunities available that everyone can find their niche. Things will always need building, methods may change and technology will advance but we’ll always need building in one form or another.

Most memorable/proudest moment in your career to date?

There’s always a certain sense of achievement when you finish a project and it’s ready for use.

Even once a project is complete I still sometimes think to myself “I helped build that” as I drive past. If it’s a particularly complex or challenging project that feeling is even better.

For myself, however, passing my professional qualification was the culmination of years of hard work and a major achievement. I’d have to say however that winning the Walford’s Prize for being the best Quantity Surveyor on my course at University was particularly satisfying!

What other benefits does working for WWA offer you?

One of the great things about working at WWA is the flexibility that they offer which enables you to have a fantastic work/life balance.

I am based in the Truro Office and living in Cornwall offers you the opportunity to get out and about to see some of the amazing scenery, spend time on the beach or, take the occasional trip to a country pub which is great.

I also love to travel and the flexibility that’s been offered has allowed me to get to some amazing places and undertake some amazing things. Whether that’s been trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, doing an Ironman in Mexico or watching the Rugby World Cup in Japan, they’ve all been possible because of having a considerate employer.

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