Earth Day 2021

As a team, we are continuously challenging ourselves to consider how we can reduce our impact on the planet operationally and technically. It is our responsibility as an industry to make an ongoing commitment to improving environmental and social outcomes for our clients, their stakeholders and the communities we work in.

In 2020 WWA became the first surveyors in the world to achieve B Corporation certification. The rigorous application process confirmed that we were ‘using business as a force for good’ but being a B Corp has also given us the framework to continuously improve. With a network of other like-minded B Corp businesses providing support, we are all working together towards the same goals, with a much bigger impact!

Our team has been working on some initiatives that are contributing to our carbon reduction aims.

Reusable Bottles

One way we can reduce our impact on the planet as individuals and as a business is by eliminating/reducing our use of single-use plastic bottles. Last year we road-tested the toughest of water bottles (thank you, Chris Hines, who even made it to the UN!) and choose the best one to issue to the entire WWA team!

The switch to reusable really does come with a whole host of benefits. From environmental factors to health reasons there is so much to love about reusable bottles!

Volunteering Days

Launched last year every single member of the WWA team gets a day a year to volunteer in their local communities.

So far this year our team has taken part in a number of litter picks and beach cleans to help preserve our local neighbourhoods and reduce the threat of litter on wildlife and public health.

Electric Vehicles

Back in 2016 we looked at our business operations and made some very subtle changes that made a quantifiable contribution to address the much-publicised Climate Emergency.

The first initiative was a commitment to Electric Vehicles in our fleet. Within 12 months our carbon emissions from our fleet reduced by 40%!

We have continued to add new electric vehicles to our fleet and will continue to review and add to the fleet as technology improves.

WWA B Corp Working Group

Following our B Corp Certification last year, we wanted to create a forum where our team members from across WWA can engage in actions that benefit People, Places and Planet.

So we have set up an internal working group where members of our team, across all our offices, are able to influence the efforts of the business and shape new initiatives to be rolled out across the company.

From the working group’s Action Plan, we have set clear goals and are developing innovative solutions to positively impact People, Places and Planet.

WWA Employee Cycle Scheme

This year we have launched our first WWA Employee Cycle Scheme!

We are seeking to reduce the impact of our daily commutes on the environment. After looking into several successful programmes we have rolled out (excuse the pun!) a mechanism that suits the needs of our team.

‘The Green Commute Initiative’ has helped us to develop a scheme that helps all our employees to purchase a bike at a greatly reduced cost.

Our cyclists will be reaping the physical and environmental benefits of their new transport to work including: reducing congestion on our busy roads, a significant cutback in pollution due to reduced emissions and minimising sound pollution through reduced noise.

These are just some of the initiatives we are running at WWA to help reduce our impact on the planet. We are always looking for new ideas and collaboration opportunities to help people, places and the planet. If you have any ideas or are interested in working with us to help benefit our local environments please get in contact!

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