First look at Immersive Dome promises a world of experiences and opportunities at the soon to open Market Hall!

Image courtesy of Real Ideas Organisation

We were so excited to get a sneaky preview of the Grade II listed Market Hall on Wednesday!!

Opening in July 2021, Market Hall is a world-class space for digital innovation and learning situated in the heart of Devonport, Plymouth, UK. Home to a state-of-the-art immersive dome, this beautiful fusion of old and new will also provide flexible co-working workspaces, meeting rooms and event spaces as well as a cafe and bar.

The 15m (210 degrees over the top) immersive dome – the first of its kind in Europe – needs to be experienced! In our 10-minute introduction to this cutting-edge immersive technology we were astounded by the visual and audio display that left us virtually speechless!

Developed by Real Ideas Organisation, in partnership with Plymouth City Council and the Institute of Digital Art and Technology at University of Plymouth, Market Hall is a £7.6m project which has delivered a new space with innovation and creativity at its core. For those who are already working in immersive and digital technologies it will allow them to explore new applications for it’s use as well as research and development opportunities.

Just 2 projectors cover the full surface of the dome and a bespoke sound system pumps high quality sound through 19 channels, providing a truly immersive experience with the power to transport you anywhere in the universe – real or imagined!

For this truly unique and groundbreaking project, the WWA team provided Project Management and Quantity Surveying services working closely with a number of delivery partners including Le Page Architects,  Hoare Lea, Clarke Bond and Classic Builders.

From initial concepts to the first footage of the dome in use this project has inspired and enthused WWA and the project team, many of whom have spent their lives in Plymouth. We all appreciate how this project is going to help shape the future of the Devonport area and the wider region, putting Plymouth on the map as a cultural hub for technology, embracing the future and possibilities that championing creativity can bring.

Lindsey Hall, Chief Executive of Real Ideas said: “The Market Hall really is a game changer. It puts Plymouth on the map internationally as a place with an emerging tech cluster around immersive, and here in Plymouth offers incredible experiences and opportunities to people living and growing up in Devonport and the wider city.

“It is without a doubt our most audacious project to date. Not only have we breathed new life into another incredible listed building, but we’ve also brought it into the 21st century. It is immediately relevant and offers untold opportunity as a place for research, development, exploration, learning, collaboration… and, last but not least, a place to come and have fun! 

“I cannot wait to open the doors and let people experience for themselves the magic and wonder of the Market Hall and its Immersive Dome.”

With an official opening planned for July, the team at Real Ideas are planning a series of community focussed events from May 17th to give local residents, students and the business community the chance to discover the Market Hall and experience the world-class Immersive Dome for themselves. We highly recommend it!

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