Life as an apprentice at WWA: Sam Easterbrook – Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

So far my apprenticeship with WWA has been amazing. I have had a real mix of both on-site tasks and tasks in the office which has really boosted my knowledge as I am new to the construction industry. I have also had so much support from everyone in the office – they’ve helped me to settle in and made me feel comfortable in starting my apprenticeship journey.

I chose this type of apprenticeship as it gives a really good balance of both theory-based learning in the form of an online university site and practical on-the-job training. This is good as it allows me to apply my knowledge in real-world situations, and I have found that this has improved my ability to pick things up quickly.

In the next few years, I would like to progress with my training and become a fully qualified chartered Quantity Surveyor, and progress within the company gaining knowledge and valuable experience throughout the journey.

I left school after completing my A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Not really knowing what I wanted to do as a career, I applied and was accepted onto the course of Accounting and Finance at the University of Plymouth. I started the first year and quickly realised that that career route wasn’t for me, so I identified that I needed a more hands on learning method. I discovered WWA and researched the company and their values and reputation led me to apply. Now 8 months into my apprenticeship, I’ve not looked back!

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