Eden Canopy Walkway, St Austell

  • Eden Canopy Walkway, St Austell

The canopy walkway scheme involved the construction of a new walkway through the world famous rainforest biome at the Eden Project.

Phase 1 of the walkway provides visitors with a unique experience of being able see and feel the canopy first hand. It also incorporates experience hubs along the walkway, with an education centre at one end.

Phase 2 of the Rainforest Biome Canopy Walkway features a 23m wobbly rope bridge stretching between two of the tallest trees in the Biome; a cloud bridge providing the sensation of being in the sky; a rain shack where visitors can shelter from a tropical rain storm and a research camp displaying the latest research on climate change and rainforests. In addition, interactive exhibits will include a weather station, transpiration tree, and exciting new planting scheme.

WWA has worked with the Eden Project on several of their schemes, creating new attractions and developing the resources on their site. Most recently WWA has been involved in the canopy walkway, award winning Green Build Hub and Eden Hotel; providing Project Management, Quantity Surveying, CDM Principal Designer and Building Surveying services.



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