Senior Partner Andy Snapes becomes an Ambassador for Cornwall

Cornwall Place Board has begun a program to bring together people who care about the future of Cornwall and who wish to actively promote the Duchy as a great place to live and work. The goal is to help champion Cornwall and to recruit a ‘Trelawny’s Army’ of 20,000 Cornish Ambassadors.

As a part of this program our Senior Partner, Andy Snapes has successfully become an official Ambassador for Cornwall!

The role of a Cornwall Ambassador includes being a proactive advocate of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, helping influence how the County is perceived and portrayed and making sure it is talked about in the right places and by the right people.

Andy Snapes says; “It’s a fantastic honour to be part of “Trelawny’s Army” of Cornish Ambassadors. Cornwall is so well known as a tourist destination, but it has so much more to offer than beach holidays and “jam first”, although that is mightily important!

Agritech, space industries, sustainable geothermal and offshore wind technologies, the potential for geological abundance from Lithium and other precious elements, world-class business and cultural offers; Cornwall’s future is exceptionally bright.

When coupled with the determined pioneering spirit, that in previous centuries set Cornwall at the cutting edge of innovation and exploration, the opportunities for sustainable growth of new sectors adding value to those which already underpin the economy, is significant.

The challenges of being a peninsula economy are well recognised, as are the issues of social deprivation, poverty, and lack of affordable housing for local people, that to our shame, continue to blight communities and opportunities for those who need it most. The potential offered by the “new and shiny” sectors, must be harnessed to address these issues.

Alongside these priority challenges, our world-class natural environments and ecosystems must be adequately protected and enhanced for the benefit of future generations. Sewage discharges and plastic pollution increasingly threaten our coastal and inland waterways. As Cornwall’s popularity and population grows, we must ensure that these precious environments are maintained and enhanced, both for the sake of our health, wealth, and wellbeing, and that of the creatures and plants for which those places are home. I passionately believe that we must continue to build and safeguard a Cornwall that is truly for “onen hag oll”, and not one that forsakes anything or anybody as it evolves and develops as a precious green and blue jewel of the 21st century.”

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