Today is World Environment Day 2020 and this year’s theme is “Time for Nature”. With much of the world working from home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), there’s been a reduction in traffic and pollution, and our individual carbon footprints have shrunk as a result. This unique situation has increased our awareness of how working from home and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

At WWA we decided to take a quick look at how our last few months of working remotely have had a positive environmental impact, through reduced fuel, travel and utility usage.

If you want to continue to make a positive impact on the environment whilst working from home here are a few quick tips:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs.
  • Shut down your computer at the end of the day and unplug any electronics you’re not using.
  • Clean up your workspace with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • If you need to print documents, set your home office printer to print two-sided.

In keeping with the World Environment Day manifesto, we are striving to deliver creative, ethical and sustainable professional services that challenge the norm, and which are valued by our clients and the consultants we work. The past few months have shown us how working from home will play an important role in shaping environmentally sustainable practices, and looking forward, we are eager to see how we can rethink the way we work. By doing so, we want to help inspire the delivery of construction projects of true worth, that better respond to the needs of an increasingly compromised world and its people.