WWA Champions the reusable!

Our reusable water bottles have now travelled the globe.

In 2016, more than 480 billion plastic bottles were sold across the world. It is now predicted that by 2021 this number will increase to a staggering 583.3 billion.

At Ward Williams Associates (WWA), we’re big believers in the idea every individual has the power to create great change. We know that by taking simple steps and making small changes, we can all make a difference.

It was recognising this within WWA’s culture that led us towards our B Corp Certification earlier in the year.

One way we can reduce our impact on the planet as individuals and as a business is by eliminating/reducing our use of single-use plastic bottles. This year we road-tested the toughest of water bottles (thank you, Chris Hines, who even made it to the UN!!) and choosing the best one to issue to the entire WWA team!

The switch to reusable really does come with a whole host of benefits. From environmental factors to health reasons there is so much to love about reusable bottles. Here are a few of our team’s top benefits to ditching the plastic!

  1. They’re Eco-Friendly

One of the main reasons to use reusable water bottles rests in the fact that they’re eco-friendly. The environmental benefits of reusable water bottles are vast and varied — so let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.

They Require Less Oil to Produce

Producing plastic water bottles requires a huge 17 million barrels of oil each year (to put that number in perspective, it’s the same amount of oil that could potentially maintain one million cars fuelled for a whole year). During the production of disposable plastic bottles, petroleum must first be refined into plastic pellets before it can be moulded into water bottles.

They Protect Our Marine Life

Plastic beverage containers are a massive source of plastic pollution. In one day alone, it’s estimated the United States trashes around sixty million bottles, and it is expected by 2050 that there will be more plastic by weight than fish in the ocean. So, despite most people’s best recycling efforts, they often still end up in rivers and oceans and disrupt marine life.

  1. Reusable is the Affordable Option

Similar to how making coffee at home is more affordable than going out for your daily fix, the same holds true for reusable water bottles. For the recommended 2 Litres of water per day, bottled water costs £1300 a year, which is 26 times more than filtered tap water (on average). Making the one-time investment of buying a reusable bottle you love saves you money and helps the earth!

  1. They’re Better for You

When you drink water from a reusable bottle, you’re avoiding the harmful chemicals and effects of plastic bottles, and minimising waste. Plus, reusable bottles make it extra easy to get your recommended dose of water a day and reap the benefits of staying hydrated.

When You Hydrate, You…

  • Moisturise your skin from the inside out.
  • Deliver oxygen to your brain.
  • Soothe your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
  • Flush out your body’s waste.
  • Help the body regulate its temperature.
  • Internally lubricate your joints.
  • Prevent kidney damage.
  • Keep your airways moist, helping with asthma and allergies.

Our team have loved the move to reusable and the impact on our planet so keep an eye out for our bright blue bottles when out and about!