WWA Goes Electric

Electric Cars - WWA Truro, Gloucester & Plymouth

WWA Goes Electric

WWA has taken ownership of its first electric cars for the business.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, WWA will be replacing the whole fleet of business vehicles for electric cars.

Phase one of this switch over will include replacing current pool cars and installing charging points at our Truro, Plymouth and Gloucester sites. The rest of our fleet will be replaced in the near future.

The new BMW i3 is the car of choice for the business, due to its sustainable ethos and battery performance, which makes it one of the leading electric vehicles on the market.

WWA has a strong track record of ensuring sustainability is a key driver, not only our business operations, but in the projects, we deliver. WWA and iWWA is continuously exploring new technologies and innovations within the sustainability sector and have been recognised for many sustainable awards.

Electric Cars - WWA Property & Construction Cocnsultancy - Truro, Plymouth & Gloucester

Andy Snapes, Senior Partner, said:

“As part of our continuing commitment to improve our sustainability credentials and reduce the carbon footprint of WWA, we have begun a programme of replacing our fleet of pool cars with electric vehicles”.

“We have chosen the BMW i3 model for both its capabilities and because virtually the whole vehicle is recyclable”.

“WWA is really paving the way for other businesses to switch to electric”.