WWA Kicks Off The Great WWA Bake Off!

The Great WWA Bake Off
Some of Plymouth’s Bakes this week

The Ward Williams team kicked off this week with the first inter-office Great WWA Bake Off.

Each office has been split into groups, with each group taking on a different bake every week, with this week being Cookies and Biscuits. The winners of this weeks round will go through to the office final in 4 weeks time, where they will bake their way through to the grand final competing against the other offices!

Each office is already getting competitive, with with the high level of baking seen in this weeks bakes we are looking forward to seeing what each office can produce next week with Muffin Week!

To see what each office produced this week scroll through the photos here:

Of course, the reason the WWA team is taking part in this years bake off is to support each office’s chosen charity. To taste the bakes and to cast their votes each member of the team donates to the charity pot and we are hoping to raise a significant amount for each charity over the 6 weeks we are running the competition.

Good luck to next weeks bakers!