WWA Proudly Supported Charities Across The Nation In 2021

Despite the challenges of 2021, the WWA team remained committed to supporting local communities, charitable organisations and environmental initiatives.

Our reach across the UK is now greater than ever, with each of our 7 regional supporting local initiatives close to their hearts alongside our company-wide charities the RNLI, Help for Hero’s, Crisis and ShelterBox.

Beth Hamilton in our Plymouth Office explains why one of WWA Plymouth’s chosen charities this year was Muscular Dystrophy UK, in particular, their Tavistock Branch; “I wanted to raise money for this particular charity in memory of Joe and Felix Crabtree. Their sister is one of my closest friends and I have seen how MD can affect a person and their family. The local Tavistock Branch has helped the family enormously throughout the years- organising a holiday for them to create priceless memories. It is fantastic to know that money has been raised to help other families and to carry on the work that is being done to fight against muscle-wasting conditions.”

Cots for Tots Bristol was the charity chosen by WWA Gloucester this year, Corrine Graves details why “This charity is incredibly important to me personally. When my youngest son was born, he became very poorly and was rushed to St Michaels Hospital in Bristol. We were told that he would need an operation and would be in hospital for a few weeks. Cots for Tots provided a room for us to stay while he was in ICU recovering. Without them I don’t know what we would have done, I will be forever grateful.”

If you’re in a position to give something back, we’ve highlighted some of the amazing causes we supported last year below:

RNLI  –  Find out how you can help here!

Help For Hero’s  –  Find out how you can help here!

Crisis  –  Find out how you can help here!

ShelterBox  –  Find out how you can help here!

Mustard Tree  –  Find out how you can help here!

Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN)  –  Find out how you can help here!

Muscular Dystrophy UK –  Find out how you can help here!

Make a Wish –  Find out how you can help here!

Cots for Tots Bristol –  Find out how you can help here!


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