iWWA assists Clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors to develop truly sustainable projects by introducing new technologies and through the creative planning and design of their schemes. Utilising a dedicated strategic-level resource, we take a step back to view your sustainability opportunities that will shape your project from the early concept stage through delivery and into operation.

Our approach is to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of a business or asset, which includes a strategic carbon reduction review. This enables us to identify all the possible interventions which support more sustainable development and/or operation. A number of initiatives can then be progressed to support: carbon targets, reduced energy costs and privately financed delivery whether retro-fit or new development.  This approach is replicated across multiple sectors and addresses buildings, transport, utilities and open space.

iWWA is at the forefront of Smart-sector opportunities and is realising significant financial, environmental and social opportunities for Clients and communities.  This reinforces and further enhances WWA’s established leading role in sustainability.  Our model embraces collaboration with Clients to develop a programme of opportunities for their investments which can support:

Sustainability ambitions – overarching including environmental, economic and social

Future proofing a development through new technologies

Future proofing business operating expenditure including energy costs

Off-setting / removing capital costs through investment in capital

Specific Commercial EPC and BREEAM services

We have developed significant opportunities to add value to businesses across single or multiple sites, working with established national scale partners.  Included in this are:

The Solar Canopy – highly sustainable and aesthetically pleasing product aimed at supporting Client’s renewable energy generation requirements, carbon reduction and electric vehicle growth through a strong financial model.

Electric Vehicle Charge Point infrastructure – supporting the delivery of rapid and fast charge units for clients, both integrated into the Solar Canopy and as standalone EV chargers, available with a range of finance options and revenue generating opportunities.

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