CIOS LEP welcomes Scott James to the Construction Strategy Team

CIOS LEP welcomes Scott James to the Construction Strategy Team

The LEP have welcomed iWWA’s Scott James to join their team on a six month secondment, as their Construction Strategy Partnership Manager.  Scott’s role is to support the LEP in the implementation of the Construction Strategy for Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly.  This aims to ensure that the construction sector has the capacity and skills to take full advantage of future growth in our economy, and a strong industry will be vital to delivering infrastructure and workspace projects from Growth Deals and EU investment programmes.

The construction sector is worth more than £500m a year to the economy of the region, employing 21,000 people. By 2025 this is forecast to rise to more than £680m, with a further 3,000 jobs.

Scott’s role includes working with the construction sector and other stakeholders to ensure that growth plans are clearly aligned with the long-term requirements of the sector; incorporating skills, apprenticeships and workforce development, as well as innovation and sustainability.

Scott will also work with the wider industry to identify barriers to growth and how they can be addressed.  The aim is to retain as much of the economic, social and environmental benefits from future capital investments as possible in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and make sure that local people are able to deliver these projects.

Scott James commented on his role:

“At iWWA, we deliver strategic level services to help clients plan and develop their vision into practical programmes of work.  We are experienced of taking initial ideas, formulating a business plan and ensuring strong governance and delivery systems. This experience will ensure effective delivery of the construction strategy and support the LEP’s work going forward”.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP will now be able to utilise this experience within this priority area of work, which can contribute to the economic growth of the region and the construction sector.

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