Living Wage Week 2021

Ward Williams Associates (WWA) introduced the real Living Wage into the business in January 2020 as a way of ensuring our employees get fair pay for their hard work.

The Living Wage campaign was introduced in 2001 by Citizens UK, as part of a movement that recognised the number of people struggling to make ends meet in minimum wage jobs.  Unlike the National Living Wage (the minimum wage employers must pay legally), the real Living Wage meets everyday needs; the weekly shop, or an unplanned home repair. The real Living Wage rates are higher because they are independently calculated based on what people need to get by.  

In 2011 the Living Wage Foundation was set up as a way of recognising responsible employers paying the real Living Wage rate and WWA is proud to be amongst them. We also make sure all our employees in London receive the London Living Wage.

We spoke to WWA Senior Partner Andy Snapes about the real Living Wage and how it has affected WWA practices:

Why did WWA decide to become a Living Wage Employer?

“To ensure all levels of staff were paid at a rate that recognises everyone’s contribution to the overall success of the company. We felt that apprentices, trainees and administration staff were at risk of being undervalued and that committing to the real Living Wage was a positive step in addressing that.”

Who benefits the most from the living wage scheme?

“Apprentices, Trainees and admin staff, in particular, benefitted from the change. First-year apprentices, for example, may have seen their salaries increase by as much as 125%!”

Was the Living Wage easy to implement?

“Yes! The WWA Board readily agreed to the change and from the moment we got in touch with the Living Wage Foundation they were on hand to support and guide us through the process. It was of course very welcomed by all staff and seen as a really positive endorsement from our whole employee cohort.“

Find out more here about how you can take the first steps to become a living wage employer.

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