Realising Growth Plans for Premier Inn

Realising Growth Plans for Premier Inn

Premier Inn has dynamic growth plans with the UK rooms now exceeding 74,000 rooms and a significant committed pipeline for future years and with potential to further extend their growth runway in the UK to 100,000 rooms. Ward Williams Associates (WWA) has been working with Premier Inn and parent company the Whitbread Group since 2015 to develop opportunities to grow their hotel portfolio across the UK.

As well as acquisition of new sites, Premier Inn has identified the potential to maximise growth opportunities at their current sites by extending existing hotels to accommodate more bedrooms.

WWA is working with Premier Inn on a programme of over 100 sites across the UK and in London that have been identified for potential expansion.

We provide Project & Cost Management and Development Monitoring services leading a professional team through feasibility, pre-development planning, achieving planning permissions, and delivery.

Our Project Management services include

–  programme, risk & value management
–  project planning
–  design team management & coordination
–  project gateway co-ordination to progress viable schemes as quickly as possible
–  development monitoring

Our Cost Management services include:

–  cost planning,
–  scheme estimating
–  design team cost monitoring
–  programme cost management, monitoring, and reporting

WWA has adopted the ‘Trusted Advisor’ role providing support on all aspects of development and construction to help Premier Inn meet their business growth objectives.

In the last three years, WWA is proud to have contributed to 37 implementable Board approved and Planning Permitted projects across the UK, adding over 1000 additional rooms to the Premier Inn estate.

Andy Snapes, Senior Partner said “The Whitbread Group and Premier Inn is a key client for WWA and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them. We are assisting them to develop their aspirations for the growth of the Premier Inn brand. “We look forward to continuing to develop this area of our business in the future”.

For further information on how we can help you with your projects please contact:

Phil Brown Programme Manager – Project Management 

Matt Bromley Programme Manager – Cost Management