WWA Electric Cars Dramatically Reduce CO2 Emissions

WWA Electric Cars Dramatically Reduce CO2 Emissions

Just 12 months on from receiving our first WWA electric cars we are staggered by the positive environmental impact such a seemingly small change has made. Carbon emissions have been reduced in the UK by 38% since 1990 but much of this reduction has been achieved in the energy sector. CO2 emissions in the transport sector have remained broadly unchanged since 1990. With the number of cars on the roads set to increase, a significant reduction is unlikely unless we change a) how we fuel our vehicles and b) the way we use them.

In 2018, WWA made the decision to change how we travel during the working day. 4 BMW i3s replaced existing petrol/diesel cars giving WWA a total fleet of 9 cars across 6 offices.

We have analysed 2 aspects of CO2 emissions comparing the same period in 2017 to 2018:

  • Fuel consumption (litres)
  • Cost of fuel (£)


We are extremely proud of what we have achieved. The move to electric cars was just part of our emissions revolution, other transport transformations include:

  • Using public transport and improving cycling facilities;
  • Sharing cars wherever possible;
  • Installing electric car charging points at 3 offices and easy access to public charging points in London and Salisbury;
  • A payment App to simplify charging vehicles at public charge points;
  • Encouraging electric car charge points for developments we are working on;
  • Staff access to Skype Business, reducing unnecessary travel between offices.

Enthused by the success of 4 electric vehicles we are investigating the possibility of the whole fleet being electric by 2023.

In our offices, we have launched the ‘WWA Sustainability Crusade’ with the aim of further reducing our CO2 emissions, we’ll let you know how we get on!

Craig Tanner, Assistant Project Manager, said: “I am an Electric Pool Car Champion for WWA, providing training to staff and information on the new BMW i3’s advanced technology”.

“The BMW i3 has become a favourite amongst the WWA team due to its comfort, economic performance, and driving experience. It has provided a valuable learning opportunity for the team and has raised awareness of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint through positive change. WWA is driving towards a more sustainable future and it is great to be a part of it”.

Andrew Snapes, Senior Partner, said: “As a company, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon emissions and environmental impact, through our business operations and providing sustainability advice to our clients”.

“Our investment in electric cars has not only derived exceptional results in terms of reducing CO2 emissions but has also provided commercial efficiencies for the business”.

Chris Hines MBE, A Grain of Sand said:  “It is brilliant to see the positive impact of WWA’s electric vehicle and sustainable transport initiative. It has delivered massive, real reductions and with the companies reach into many developments and infrastructure projects can act as a vanguard for a fundamental shift in the perception and uptake of electric vehicles. All too often we get stuck in the theory and ideas stage of environmental projects. This shows that big change can happen and that we can rise to the challenge of slashing our environmental footprints. Having travelled in one of the cars with Andy Snapes it’s a great and comfortable drive. It delivers on the all three of the elements of the triple bottom line: Environmental: 42% reduction in CO2. Social: Comfortable and safe drive. Financial: 25% reduction in fuel costs. Epic WWA!”